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SubjectHelp building module for 2.6.0
ok im trying to build a kernel module (my first :) ) when i build it on a 2.4 box everything is fine when i build it on my laptop running 2.6.0-t10 it builds fine but when i try and insmod it i get 

sh$ insmod ./hgn.o
insmod: error inserting './hgn.o': -1 Invalid module format

I have attached my Makefile. Please could some one tell me if this is due to the way i compile the module (my guess) or if it is likly caused by my code. Any pointers would be welcome.

Thnx for any help
Tim Kelsey

p.s. I know this is kind of like walking into a filharmonic auchestra with a waveing a tin drum :P so if there is a more apropriate place to post this kind of question pls let me know.
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