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SubjectRe: Fire Engine??
On Wed, 2003-11-26 at 20:30, David S. Miller wrote:

> > - Doing gettimeofday on each incoming packet is just dumb, especially
> > when you have gettimeofday backed with a slow southbridge timer.
> > This shows quite badly on many profile logs.
> > I still think right solution for that would be to only take time stamps
> > when there is any user for it (= no timestamps in 99% of all systems)
> Andi, I know this is a problem, but for the millionth time your idea
> does not work because we don't know if the user asked for the timestamp
> until we are deep within the recvmsg() processing, which is long after
> the packet has arrived.

question: do we need a timestamp for every packet or can we do one
timestamp per irq-context entry ? (eg one timestamp at irq entry time we
do anyway and keep that for all packets processed in the softirq)
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