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SubjectLinux TCP state machine is broken?

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your reply to me]

I have been trying to implement one of the Internet
Drafts in the kernel for experimentation, and while
debugging I reliazed that TCP sender is almost always
in TCP_CA_CWR state. Since Linux doesn't follow the
RFCs, I am not sure if this is what is intended, or if
this is bug.

I think the reason the sender is always in TCP_CA_CWR
and not in TCP_CA_Open is because in the function
"tcp_transmit_skb" (tcp_out.c:190), after sending the
packet to IP-layer, the sender call tcp_enter_cwr() if
the IP layer did not return any non congestion error.
I have put the code fragement at the end of the

I am not clear why a successfuly transmission should
cause the sender to enter CWR (the only other places
when tcp_enter_cwr is called are when there is a ICMP
source quench or when there is ECE bit set for ECN).

If someone could explain this to me, that would be


------tcp_output.c; line 279 -------------

err = tp->af_specific->queue_xmit(skb, 0);
if (err <= 0)
return err;


/* NET_XMIT_CN is special. It does not
* that this packet is lost. It tells that
* is about to start to drop packets or already
* drops some packets of the same priority and
* invokes us to send less aggressively.
return err == NET_XMIT_CN ? 0 : err;

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