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SubjectCan't boot Acer 240 Laptop
I have tried to compile the 2.4.23-pre9 and 2.4.23-rc4 both will not
boot this laptop.

Laptop details
intel 2.5 celeron
256 MB RAM
852GME Chipset
Slackware (if this really matters)

What I have done.
Compiled kernel 2.4.23-pre9, from fresh source.

First try:
Intel P4 support, defaults for mostly everything, ACPI, APM, FB,
ide-scsi, 8139too, and ICH sound.

Everything above but changed CPU to P3.
No boot (also tried with the acpi=off option in lilo.)

rm kernel source, fresh source with 2.4.23-rc4 patch. P4, ACPI, APM,
FB, ide-scsi, ich sound.
Same problem.

Same as above but removed FB support.
No boot again.

p3, no acpi, apm, no FB, ide-scsi.
Same problem.

As you can see I can't figure this out for the life of me. I am trying
2.4.23-pre4 with out SMP. Maybe that will work.



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