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Subject2.6: can't lockf() over NFS
I can't get Debian testing to log in to GNOME when home directories are
mounted over NFS (Linux 2.6 client -> Linux 2.4-ac server). It claims not
to be able to lock a file..

I tried writing a trivial program to test lockf() and it returns ENOLCK
over NFS, but succeeds locally. The client kernel offers some grumbles:

RPC: Can't bind to reserved port (13).
RPC: can't bind to reserved port.
nsm_mon_unmon: rpc failed, status=-5
lockd: cannot monitor a.b.c.d
lockd: failed to monitor a.b.c.d

[where a.b.c.d is our NFS server]

/sbin/rpc.statd is running on both client and server, and with a 2.4
kernel on the client (as the only change) GNOME logins and the lockf()
test program work just fine.

Any ideas? I'm stumped at this point.


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