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SubjectPosix record locking.

I am looking at posix record locking with nfs and I have a couple of

1. The fcntl_setlk() calls nfs_lock() (towards the end of fcntl_setlk by
calling filp->f_op->lock), fcntl_setlk() then calls posix_lock_file()
(where all the vfs magic happens for file locks). If nfs_lock() returns
successful (server has granted the lock) but the subsequent
posix_lock_file() fails (due to deadlock, conflict or low memory), we
never go back to the server to clean up this lock. Is this a problem or
am I missing something?

2. nfs_lock() calls nlmclnt_proc() after we pick up the kernel lock
(lock_kernel()). The nlmclnt_proc() goes on to call:

Is this OK? Are we going over the wire while holding the kernel lock?

Best Regards,


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