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SubjectSuperior disk perf. of 2.4.20-ac (Was: RAID-0 read perf. decrease after 2.4.20)

Hell Joshua and All!

On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Joshua Schmidlkofer wrote:

> > >Has anyone else experienced a drastic drop in read performance on
> > >software
> > >RAID-0 with post 2.4.20 kernels? We have a few Athlon XP's here at our

> And this isn't the read-ahead size change thing?

When did this change take place? It would be easy to test then. I did some
more tests on the weekend and found that this isn't RAID related; also
normal single disk access is much faster on the 2.4.20-ac's than on other
recent kernels. Just to summarise, the disk speed on one of the Athlon
XP's (2GHz, 1.5 GB RAM, 2*160 GB Maxtor 6Y080L0) according to bonnie++:

RAID-0 VIA write read
2.4.19 none 10,000 9,000
2.4.20 3.35 73,000 88,000
2.4.20-ac1 3.35-ac 70,000 135,000
2.4.20-ac2 3.35-ac 71,000 140,000
2.4.21-pre1 3.35-ac 71,000 79,000
2.4.21-pre3 3.35-ac 71,000 79,000
2.4.23-rc3 3.37 65,000 82,000

single disk
2.4.20-ac2 3.35-ac 55,000 74,000
2.4.23-rc3 3.37 54,000 48,000

So the single disk read performance of 2.4.20-ac2 is as fast as a
double RAID-0 array of other kernels.

Have a nice day,
Mikael J.
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