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Subject[BUG 2.4] NFS unlocking operation accesses invalid file struct

I'm investigating the reliabiblity of the NFS locking.
I noticed that possible NFS locking related crash in the following situation:

process A
process B
-- A and B are sharing task's fd array.
(clone()d with CLONE_FILES)

file F
-- The file on NFS

file descriptor p (equivalent to file struct P)
file descriptor q (equivalent to file struct Q)

-- p and q are individual file descriptors for the file F
(not dup()-ed)

file lock L

-- The file lock L has been locked via fcntl() for the file descriptor q by
the process B (connects with file struct Q)

1. The process A closes the file descriptor p.

In filp_close(), the process A closes file struct P, it unlocks all the
file locks related to the i-node of the file F, which are held by the
processes sharing the same fd array process A refers to. (locks_remove_posix)

2. The process A unlocks the file lock L.

First of all, the process A removes the file lock L from the list of the
file locks related to the i-node of the file F. Then, it calls the `nfs_lock'
to do the unlocking operation for its file-system dependent operation.

3. While executing the `nfs_lock' with RPC procedure, the process A
sleep on there for a while.

On the other side.
4. The process B closes the file descriptor q.

Because process A has already remove the entry of the file lock from the list,
process B cannot find the entry so it just exit without doing anything about
the list.
System treats the closing operation carried out by the process B is done,
while the process A is sleeping.
The process B invalidates the file struct Q because it is no longer needed.

But, the process A has not finished the operation of the unlocking
for file lock L yet.

5. When the process A wakes up, it attempts to execute remaining unlocking
works, and accesses the file struct Q.

Because the file struct Q is no longer valid, it is likely to cause NULL
pointer dereference.
Also, the file struct Q might be used by other files. in this case, the data
contradiction would happen.

Does anyone have a idea of how to fix it ?

Akinobu Mita

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