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SubjectRe: [ACPI] RE: Toshiba ACPI battery status - ACPI errors
On Mon, Nov 24, 2003 at 11:55:39PM +0100, Michael Holzt wrote:
> > I suspect this is a known issue with AML code from Toshiba.
> Sorry, but unfortunately your guess is wrong (would have been too easy). A
> few days ago i reported about the Tecra S1 problems on the acpi-devel list
> as well, maybe you missed my post, which can be found in the archives here:

Sorry, I missed your post.

> Included was a link to the disassembled dsdt, which can be found here:
> As you can see, the _STA-Methods of both BAT0 and BAT1 do proper return
> calls. I'm sorry, but i'm do not have any knowledge about acpi or dsdts to
> debug this myself. The DSDT has some other errors as well.

I posted last week at acpi-devel a patch which fake a ECDT. That should
at least fix your embedded error you encounter.

Looking your DSDT, the parameter you have to pass at boot are:


I hope that at least that will correct some obivous errors.

> It is somewhat strange, that toshiba as one of the core members of ACPI
> seems to be unable to provide sane DSDTs for years now. Something is real
> wrong with this company.

Indeed. They should change their ODM.

Ducrot Bruno

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