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SubjectRE: New model of SanDisk compact flash not working
I seem to have sorted out the problem.

It was definately a dma problem causing the hang, confirmed by Peter
Missel, thanks Peter. See the quote below:
"DMA not being part of the CF standard yet, SanDisk and IBM are a bit
of the game. The problem you're running into is that the vast majority
CF-IDE adapters do not connect the DMA request and grant signals. Hence,
system BIOS and OS drivers see a DMA capable drive on a DMA capable IDE
channel, and set things up to use DMA. Instant hang - you know that

It seems the adaptor is missing a few hardware lines, confirmed on my
I can get the drive up with an "ide=nodma".

The drive is still unusable, unable to read or write from it. However,
if I "dd" an image from the previous version of drive, in otherwords
creating the partition and filesystem etc, the drive seems to work okay.
Maybe the default filesystem that comes on the drive was causing some

Other than that I think we will just have to wait for the hardware
adaptor to catch up with the flash technology.

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