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SubjectRe: Fix for "MT2032 Fatal Error: PLLs didn't lock"
> Except in one place where there is an implicit conversion to signed ints
> in line 746:
> 746 mt2032_set_if_freq(c, freq*62500 /* freq*1000*1000/16 */,

Sure? Both freq and second mt2032_set_if_freq argument are declared
unsigned int ...
What happens with "62500" changed to "(unsigned)62500" ?

> > tuner: tv freq set to 140.25
> > mt2032_set_if_freq rfin=140250000 if1=1090000000 if2=38900000 from=32900000 to=39900000
> Thanks for the clue. Perhaps the problem is gcc/athlon related?

Maybe. gcc 3.3.1 here.


You have a new virus in /var/mail/kraxel
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