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SubjectRe: -test10/PPC still broken on PowerMac 8500
On Wed, 2003-11-26 at 11:55, John Mock wrote:
> Most of these are SCSI issues and the last one makes -test10 hard to debug.
> * MESH gets SLAB errors during startup, CDROM eject

Those are still the same good old issues, you have to disable SLAB
debugging unfortunately, at least until there is a better fix, but
so far there isn't.

> * "mac53c94: module license 'unspecified' taints kernel."


> * "53C94 did not call scsi_unregister" [sorry, should have filed bug report]


> * 'swim3.c' doesn't compile properly

Yup, known. My 8500 is sitll on the boat from france and I had my
time lately taken 200% by the G5 port.

> * Switching from X to text console ('controlfb' frame buffer) loses video
> sync.


> The 53C94 problems probably aren't hard to fix. For the floppy code (that
> is, 'swim3.c'), 'benh' has a version of 'swim3' which may only need further
> testing. The MESH issue looks like a buffer alignment problem, and worked
> without complaint in the 2.4 kernels.

It's a problem. The SCSI stack is passing us unaligned buffers when slab
debugging is enabled, thus triggering a HW issue with those unaligned
buffers (the chip writes before the beginning of the buffer)

> The video mode problem is a real nuisance and is the biggest reason i'm not
> doing more than intermittent testing of 2.6.0/PPC.

I'd appreciate if you could track it down as I won't have access to the
8500 for a few weeks still.

> -- JM
> P.S. I came across a large pile of floppies during a massive cleanup (why
> i've been so busy) and i can run some more tests of the 'swim3' code after
> the Thanksgiving break



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