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SubjectXFree freezes with 2.6.0-pre

Sorry, if I'm not meant to post on this list.

I have been noticing the following bug with kernel 2.6.0-pre8 up to pre10.
My XFree-4.3.0 freezes completely on a very irregular base spontaneously
or reproducibly if I use "wine" with certain programs.

Since I have no network, I can not try ssh, but the NumLock-key still
swithces on/off the LED on the keyboard, after X has frozen.

I have tried to switch preemptible kernel on and off, but it does not make
a big difference.

Starting a (freeware) game called "dink smallwood" under wine, crashes
XFree reproducibly. Before everything stops, I can see that the shell from
which I started wine fills with error messages "signal 0 can not be
handled" (to be honest, I forgot the exact message, but it was something
like this). Under kernel 2.4.21 everything works (at least X does not

My setup is: SMP-Duron (I know, not officially supported, but under 2.4.21
I have no problems). Asus-board with 768MPX-chipset. Radeon-Card and
SuSE-8.2 distro with all SuSE-patches installed and the latest wine from
SuSE-package (people/meissner/...).

I hope this helps, if not I can try to answer questions.



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