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SubjectRe: Re: [Oops] i386 mm/slab.c (cache_flusharray)

On Tue, 25 Nov 2003 wrote:
> 3. 2.6.0-test10 vanilla + PREEMPT_CONFIG=y + patch printk + patch magic numbers
> The patch solves the problem, I can compile 4 times a kernel and do heavy work in parallele (load average around 1.2 during 2 hours) without any problems.

Those magic numbers don't make any sense. In particular, SLAB_LIMIT is
clearly bogus both in the original version and in the "magic number
patch". The only place that uses SLAB_LIMIT is the code that decides how
many entries fit in one slab, and quite frankly, it makes no _sense_ to
have a SLAB_LIMIT that is big enough to be unsigned.

"SLAB_LIMIT" should be something in the few hundreds, maybe.

Manfred? What is the logic behind those nonsensical numbers?

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