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Subjectdo_kern_mount return value question

this post is no bug or patch, but a simple question about the kernel
source. Why does do_kern_mount return ENODEV when the given filesystem is
unknown? EINVAL seems to be better to me. when i change from ENODEV to
EINVAL (fs/super.c:713 in 2.6.0-test10) the following szenario works as i
kernel options: rootfstype=ext3,ext2
1. load ext2 initrd
2. try to mount as ext3 -> fails (ext3 is a module in my configuration and
not in the kernel)
3. try to mount it as ext2 -> fine
4. handle initrd
5. try to mount root as ext3 -> fine (ext3 module now loaded)

the vanilla kernel stops after 2. because some late boot code thinks the
initrd is an invalid device (ENODEV).

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