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SubjectRe: 2.6.0-preX causes memory corruption
> > After installing 2.6.0-pre9 the System seemed to work normally,
> > all the

> You mean 2.6.0-test9, don't you?


> > stuff I did before worked normally but when doing large
> > fileoperation including crunching stuff using bzip2 (e.g.
> > checking out modules from CVS and tar'ing them up) the
> > archives get corrupt. I was first assuming that this was
> > a onetime mistake and thus I deleted the corrupt file and
> > re-run my normal operations. But after a while I noticed
> > that this problem occoured more and more and I was starting
> > to worry. Archives are showing to be corrupted but after an
> > reset these archives can be unpacked normally again.

> Do you have preemptive kernel enabled (CONFIG_PREEMPT=y)?


> There's been some discussion about it possibly causing strange
> things in some configurations. If it helps to disable it, please
> post your .config, so we can compare with others.

Yes, saw it after I've posted my mail. But here is my config.

Hope it helps.

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