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SubjectRe: Fix for "MT2032 Fatal Error: PLLs didn't lock"
> I saw others report same issues but didnt see any
> fixes/patches/solutions. With the debug option on for bttv and tuner in
> /etc/modules.conf and the TV frequency set to 133.25MHz and then
> 140.25MHz, the sign extension defect pops up in rfin value below. This
> is because 133.25MHz is 0x7F13BD0 and 140.25MHz is 0x85C0B90. The high
> bit gets sign extended in as 0xFFFFFFFFF85C0B90 (-128185456)

Huh? I can't see where a sign extension happens. 0x85C0B90 has the bit
#27 set to one, not #31 ...

Beside that the values are passed around as unsigned values everythere.
Can you please explain in more detail what is going on?

> Nov 16 21:45:56 localhost kernel: tuner: tv freq set to 133.25
> Nov 16 21:45:56 localhost kernel: mt2032_set_if_freq rfin=133250000
> if1=1090000000 if2=38900000 from=32900000 to=39900000

> Nov 16 21:45:58 localhost kernel: tuner: tv freq set to 140.25
> Nov 16 21:45:58 localhost kernel: mt2032_set_if_freq rfin=-128185456
> if1=1090000000 if2=38900000 from=32900000 to=39900000

Works fine here:

tuner: tv freq set to 140.25
mt2032_set_if_freq rfin=140250000 if1=1090000000 if2=38900000 from=32900000 to=39900000

> {
> - unsigned long *v = arg;
> + unsigned int *v = arg;

Wrong, VIDIOCSFREQ is "_IOW('v',15, unsigned long)". Beside that I'm
very surprised that this actually makes a difference. What architecture
is that? And what size int/long have there?

> - (*iarg)/16,(*iarg)%16*100/16);
> + (*v)/16,(*v)%16*100/16);

That is ok.


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