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SubjectRe: data from
On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Larry McVoy wrote:
>Sorry to be short but I already said that I'd eliminated this source of
>error. What did you think I was doing all weekend?

Let me be equally short. Your original message gave no details of what
debugging steps had been taken. (I can assume you would know what you're
doing, but frankly, I could be wrong.) You venture a guess that the
system had been h4x0r3d in some inventive way to prevent your attempts
to recover data and proceed to paste error messages from the 3ware
driver that indicate a problem with the hardware (either driver bug,
cabling, controller, or channel on that controller) including the
drive itself.

Please do not attribute to hackers what is simply a half dead drive. So,
was the machine powered down for an extended period as I aluded? (to
preserve the machine until someone had time to look at it.)


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