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SubjectRe: Patrick's Test9 suspend code.
On Thursday 20 November 2003 11:26, Shaheed wrote:
> > B) A heuristic that looks at the mounted block devices for things that
> > smell like a resume partition would actually be more robust in that case.
> How about a static signature followed by a timestamp? That way, maybe we
> could have a resume menu like this:
> /dev/hda3 (kernel 2.7.88, suspended on 01-04-2004 20:00:00)
> /dev/hda4 (kernel 2.8.99, suspended on 31-05-2005 20:00:00) ***
> Resume in 5..4..3..2..1..
> with a 5 second countdown before it chooses the most recent? Or in Pavel's
> examples:
> Erk! Nowhere to resume from!
> :-)

When resuming from a writeable filesystem, the filesystem has to match the
contents of suspended memory. If you've TOUCHED the filesystem since
suspending, the resume is going to shred it, cross-link the heck out of it,
and generally be evil. (There are open filehandles saved in there, page
table entries to maped stuff... Just don't go there.)


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