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SubjectRe: Is initramfs freed after kernel is booted?
 On Mon, Nov 17, wrote:

> Alternatively, you could
> mkdir /root
> mount final root on /root
> chdir("/root");
> mount("/", "initramfs", NULL, MS_BIND, NULL);

Does this bind mount really work?

static struct super_block *rootfs_get_sb(struct file_system_type *fs_type,
int flags, const char *dev_name, void *data)
return get_sb_nodev(fs_type, flags|MS_NOUSER, data, ramfs_fill_super);

static int graft_tree(struct vfsmount *mnt, struct nameidata *nd)
if (mnt->mnt_sb->s_flags & MS_NOUSER)
return -EINVAL;

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