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SubjectRe: [PATCH][2.6-mm] Fix 4G/4G X11/vm86 oops
On Mon, 17 Nov 2003, Zwane Mwaikambo wrote:

> A little bird told me to send diffs... But there is a lot of noise due to
> offsets i'm afraid.

Another note from our avian friends; i seem to have sent a slightly
different dump from the patch, although they do both achieve the same
effect. I shall append it for completeness.

0x0210e860 <do_sys_vm86+0>: push %edi
0x0210e861 <do_sys_vm86+1>: mov $0xffffe000,%eax
0x0210e866 <do_sys_vm86+6>: push %esi
0x0210e867 <do_sys_vm86+7>: and %esp,%eax
0x0210e869 <do_sys_vm86+9>: push %ebx
0x0210e86a <do_sys_vm86+10>: mov 0x10(%esp,1),%edi
0x0210e86e <do_sys_vm86+14>: mov 0x14(%esp,1),%esi
0x0210e872 <do_sys_vm86+18>: movl $0x0,0x1c(%edi)
0x0210e879 <do_sys_vm86+25>: movl $0x0,0x20(%edi)
0x0210e880 <do_sys_vm86+32>: mov (%eax),%edx
0x0210e882 <do_sys_vm86+34>: mov 0x30(%edi),%eax
0x0210e885 <do_sys_vm86+37>: mov %eax,0x5b8(%edx)
0x0210e88b <do_sys_vm86+43>: mov 0x30(%edi),%edx
0x0210e88e <do_sys_vm86+46>: mov 0xbc(%edi),%eax
0x0210e894 <do_sys_vm86+52>: and $0xdd5,%edx
0x0210e89a <do_sys_vm86+58>: mov %edx,0x30(%edi)
0x0210e89d <do_sys_vm86+61>: mov 0x30(%eax),%eax
0x0210e8a0 <do_sys_vm86+64>: and $0xfffff22a,%eax
0x0210e8a5 <do_sys_vm86+69>: or %eax,%edx
0x0210e8a7 <do_sys_vm86+71>: mov 0x54(%edi),%eax
0x0210e8aa <do_sys_vm86+74>: or $0x20000,%edx
0x0210e8b0 <do_sys_vm86+80>: cmp $0x3,%eax
0x0210e8b3 <do_sys_vm86+83>: mov %edx,0x30(%edi)
0x0210e8b6 <do_sys_vm86+86>: je 0x210e9f0 <do_sys_vm86+400>
0x0210e8bc <do_sys_vm86+92>: cmp $0x3,%eax
0x0210e8bf <do_sys_vm86+95>: ja 0x210e9d5 <do_sys_vm86+373>
0x0210e8c5 <do_sys_vm86+101>: cmp $0x2,%eax
0x0210e8c8 <do_sys_vm86+104>: je 0x210e9c6 <do_sys_vm86+358>
0x0210e8ce <do_sys_vm86+110>: movl $0x247000,0x5bc(%esi)
0x0210e8d8 <do_sys_vm86+120>: mov 0xbc(%edi),%eax
0x0210e8de <do_sys_vm86+126>: movl $0x0,0x18(%eax)
0x0210e8e5 <do_sys_vm86+133>: mov 0x360(%esi),%eax
0x0210e8eb <do_sys_vm86+139>: mov %eax,0x5c0(%esi)
0x0210e8f1 <do_sys_vm86+145>: movl %fs,0x5c4(%esi)
0x0210e8f7 <do_sys_vm86+151>: movl %gs,0x5c8(%esi)
0x0210e8fd <do_sys_vm86+157>: mov $0xffffe000,%ebx
0x0210e902 <do_sys_vm86+162>: and %esp,%ebx
0x0210e904 <do_sys_vm86+164>: mov 0x14(%ebx),%eax
0x0210e907 <do_sys_vm86+167>: inc %eax
0x0210e908 <do_sys_vm86+168>: mov %eax,0x14(%ebx)
0x0210e90b <do_sys_vm86+171>: mov 0x10(%ebx),%eax
0x0210e90e <do_sys_vm86+174>: mov 0x4(%esi),%edx
0x0210e911 <do_sys_vm86+177>: shl $0x9,%eax
0x0210e914 <do_sys_vm86+180>: lea 0x26ff000(%eax),%ecx
0x0210e91a <do_sys_vm86+186>: lea 0x4c(%edi),%eax
0x0210e91d <do_sys_vm86+189>: mov %eax,0x360(%esi)
0x0210e923 <do_sys_vm86+195>: sub 0x1c(%edx),%eax
0x0210e926 <do_sys_vm86+198>: add 0x20(%edx),%eax
0x0210e929 <do_sys_vm86+201>: mov %eax,0x4(%ecx)
0x0210e92c <do_sys_vm86+204>: mov 0x25fe52c,%eax
0x0210e931 <do_sys_vm86+209>: test $0x800,%eax
0x0210e936 <do_sys_vm86+214>: je 0x210e942 <do_sys_vm86+226>
0x0210e938 <do_sys_vm86+216>: movl $0x0,0x364(%esi)
0x0210e942 <do_sys_vm86+226>: lea 0x340(%esi),%edx
0x0210e948 <do_sys_vm86+232>: mov 0x20(%edx),%eax
0x0210e94b <do_sys_vm86+235>: mov %eax,0x4(%ecx)
0x0210e94e <do_sys_vm86+238>: mov 0x10(%ecx),%ax
0x0210e952 <do_sys_vm86+242>: and $0xffff,%eax
0x0210e957 <do_sys_vm86+247>: cmp 0x24(%edx),%eax
0x0210e95a <do_sys_vm86+250>: jne 0x210e9b0 <do_sys_vm86+336>
0x0210e95c <do_sys_vm86+252>: mov 0x14(%ebx),%eax
0x0210e95f <do_sys_vm86+255>: dec %eax
0x0210e960 <do_sys_vm86+256>: mov %eax,0x14(%ebx)
0x0210e963 <do_sys_vm86+259>: mov 0x8(%ebx),%eax
0x0210e966 <do_sys_vm86+262>: and $0x8,%eax
0x0210e969 <do_sys_vm86+265>: jne 0x210e9a9 <do_sys_vm86+329>
0x0210e96b <do_sys_vm86+267>: mov 0x50(%edi),%eax
0x0210e96e <do_sys_vm86+270>: mov %eax,0x5b4(%esi)
0x0210e974 <do_sys_vm86+276>: testb $0x1,0x4c(%edi)
0x0210e978 <do_sys_vm86+280>: jne 0x210e9a0 <do_sys_vm86+320>
0x0210e97a <do_sys_vm86+282>: push $0x255f121
0x0210e97f <do_sys_vm86+287>: call 0x21285a0 <printk>
0x0210e984 <do_sys_vm86+292>: mov 0x4(%esi),%edx
0x0210e987 <do_sys_vm86+295>: xor %eax,%eax
0x0210e989 <do_sys_vm86+297>: mov %eax,%fs
0x0210e98b <do_sys_vm86+299>: mov %eax,%gs
0x0210e98d <do_sys_vm86+301>: mov %edi,%esp
0x0210e98f <do_sys_vm86+303>: mov %edx,%ebp
0x0210e991 <do_sys_vm86+305>: jmp 0xfffeb100 <resume_userspace>
0x0210e996 <do_sys_vm86+310>: pop %esi
0x0210e997 <do_sys_vm86+311>: pop %ebx
0x0210e998 <do_sys_vm86+312>: pop %esi
0x0210e999 <do_sys_vm86+313>: pop %edi
0x0210e99a <do_sys_vm86+314>: ret
0x0210e99b <do_sys_vm86+315>: nop
0x0210e99c <do_sys_vm86+316>: lea 0x0(%esi,1),%esi
0x0210e9a0 <do_sys_vm86+320>: push %esi
0x0210e9a1 <do_sys_vm86+321>: call 0x210e5b0 <mark_screen_rdonly>
0x0210e9a6 <do_sys_vm86+326>: pop %eax
0x0210e9a7 <do_sys_vm86+327>: jmp 0x210e97a <do_sys_vm86+282>
0x0210e9a9 <do_sys_vm86+329>: call 0x21222d0 <preempt_schedule>
0x0210e9ae <do_sys_vm86+334>: jmp 0x210e96b <do_sys_vm86+267>
0x0210e9b0 <do_sys_vm86+336>: mov 0x24(%edx),%ax
0x0210e9b4 <do_sys_vm86+340>: mov %ax,0x10(%ecx)
0x0210e9b8 <do_sys_vm86+344>: mov $0x174,%ecx
0x0210e9bd <do_sys_vm86+349>: mov 0x24(%edx),%eax
0x0210e9c0 <do_sys_vm86+352>: xor %edx,%edx
0x0210e9c2 <do_sys_vm86+354>: wrmsr
0x0210e9c4 <do_sys_vm86+356>: jmp 0x210e95c <do_sys_vm86+252>
0x0210e9c6 <do_sys_vm86+358>: movl $0x0,0x5bc(%esi)
0x0210e9d0 <do_sys_vm86+368>: jmp 0x210e8d8 <do_sys_vm86+120>
0x0210e9d5 <do_sys_vm86+373>: cmp $0x4,%eax
0x0210e9d8 <do_sys_vm86+376>: jne 0x210e8ce <do_sys_vm86+110>
0x0210e9de <do_sys_vm86+382>: movl $0x47000,0x5bc(%esi)
0x0210e9e8 <do_sys_vm86+392>: jmp 0x210e8d8 <do_sys_vm86+120>
0x0210e9ed <do_sys_vm86+397>: lea 0x0(%esi),%esi
0x0210e9f0 <do_sys_vm86+400>: movl $0x7000,0x5bc(%esi)
0x0210e9fa <do_sys_vm86+410>: jmp 0x210e8d8 <do_sys_vm86+120>
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