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SubjectRe: Announce: ndiswrapper
> Pontus Fuchs wrote:
> > Please! I don't want to start a flamewar if this is a good thing to do.
> > I'm just trying to scratch my own itch and I doubt that this project
> > changes the way Broadcom treats Linux users.
> Then help us reverse engineer the driver :)
> Jeff

In a way getting it to run under linux (in an pseudo-ndis-emu box) is part
of getting it reverse engineered - then we set up io-trace and presto we
know precisely what is going on ;)

Speaking of io-trace has anyone actually done this? I'm working on a
strace patch for io-trace'ing of user processes and have come to the
conclusion that this should be at least partially done in kernel-space
(you can't attach/detach to a pid without kernel support, you can io-trace
a program from start to finish in pure userspace, but as soon as you want
to attach to a running Xserver you are basically screwed (although that
can be circumvened), however if you want to detach then you are screwed
totally (unless you like live auto-patching of the traced program)...

I'm thinking of rewriteing the patch into the kernel ptrace mechanism
(i.e. PTRACE_IO_SYSCALL - stop on IO operations or syscalls)


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