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    SubjectRe: off the air

    On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 05:42, Larry McVoy wrote:
    > It would be free as in w/ source, probably BSD rather than GPL but some
    > license you'd like. About the only thing we'd need to worry about is
    > our commercial customers taking this and using it as a way to not pay
    > for some seats so there is some chance that we'd want to put in some
    > hook there, I'd have to think about that before promising anything.
    to my mind this would be brilliant, but i don't remember every whinging
    about bk ;).

    The only requirements that would need to be fulfilled for it to go into
    debian, would be source, a licence that does not restrict the usage of
    the code/ package, and a distinct lack of invariant sections in the
    license. (a real debian developer can probably elaborate better than i)
    > I'm curious as to why you would think this is better than the CVS gateway.
    > The CVS gateway is actually a really nice thing. The whiners think we
    > have somehow hamstrung the data in the gateway but that's only because
    > they haven't looked at the data, if they had done a careful comparison
    > then they'd know it's all in there.
    last time i tried the cvs gateway, i think i had trouble getting a full
    shadow.. I should try again really, but i would hope that the
    openBKClient could be faster, better and more modern (oh, and sexy too)

    (and would mean that you don't need the cvs gateway anymore!)
    > So what's the attraction? Having a client that will work with any BK
    > server? Do you realize that the client is just a way to get at the head?
    > And tagged releases? It doesn't have 1/10th the functionality of BK itself.
    yep. and for me, until i do some actual kernel development (unlikely as
    i just can't find the time), this is all i think i want - i should be
    able to do a bit more testing this way.


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