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    SubjectRe: softirqd

    Kernwek Jalsl said:

    Kernwek> Sorry in case I was not very clear with my
    Kernwek> requirements. With real time interrupt I meant a
    Kernwek> real time task waiting for IO from this interrupt.
    Kernwek> Assume that I have a high priority interrupt and a
    Kernwek> real time task waiting for it. Well followimg are the
    Kernwek> various latencies involved:
    Kernwek> L1- interrupt latency
    Kernwek> L2- hard and soft IRQ completion
    Kernwek> L3 - scheduler latency
    Kernwek> L4 - scheduler completion

    Kernwek> L1 is pretty acceptable on Linux.

    I've been trying to measure this. On IA64 I'm measuring around
    2.5microseconds (on a 900MHz machine). I personally think that this
    is too big, and could be reduced.

    One thing I think we need to do early in 2.7 is to merge all those
    architecture-dependent arch/XXX/kernel/irq.c files, and try to reduce
    the amount of duplicated work done in the new merged file and the
    lower level architecture-specific files.

    Dr Peter Chubb peterc AT
    The technical we do immediately, the political takes *forever*

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