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    SubjectRe: BUG: Kernel Panic: kernel-2.6.0-test9-bk21 for alpha in scsi context ll_rw_blk.c
    On you can read:
    See prefetch section:
    The Alpha 21264 initiates a prefetch operation by executing one of the load
    instructions as summarized in the table below. Note that the destination
    register is R31 or F31. When used as a source register, R31 and F31 return
    integer zero and floating point zero, respectively. When used as a
    destination register as shown below, R31 and F31 denote the purpose of
    these instructions as a prefetch operation. Earlier Alpha implementations
    ignore these instructions. Some care must be taken as a prefetch with an
    invalid address must be dismissed by firmware and a prefetch can cause an
    alignment trap.


    Falk Hueffner wrote:

    > Thomas Steudten <> writes:
    >>-> 0xfffffc0000476cb8 <__make_request+152>: lds $f31,0(t2)
    > The kernel is stupid, this is a prefetch, it should be totally ignored
    > if it is faulty. This is already handled for userspace accesses
    > IIRC... (I wonder why the PALcode doesn't already do that. Oh well.)


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