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    SubjectRe: CONFIG_CRC32 in 2.4.22 breaks PCMCIA
    > CONFIG_CRC32 was introduced in 2.4.22.  I found that if I didn't
    > explicitly set it, the pcnet_cs driver from stand-alone PCMCIA
    > distribution didn't work. PCMCIA relies on the crc functions, and
    > since they were always available before 2.4.22, it doesn't check for
    > them.

    Something wrong with the in-kernel pcnet_cs?

    > This seems to be significant breakage, and it took me a good while
    > to figure out what was going on. Is this change reasonable in the
    > stable kernel series?

    Well, it's in the help for the CRC32 option that it's available to enable
    external-kernel tree drivers to access these functions. If you are
    running make oldconfig you'll hit the question and if you don't know what
    it's about you should consult help...
    Seems reasonable to me. Same aplies to deflate, etc. support routines.


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