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SubjectTerrible interactivity with 2.6.0-t9-mm3
I just noticed major interactivity problems whilst ogging one of my
cds. X (which is running at a nice of 0) stuttered in its display
uptdates (eg: ogging on two seperate machines but displaying on one,
the progress display of the much faster box would come in spurts until
I ^z the ogg on the box running X). Keyboard input also stutters
and the nfs connection (over which I was encoding from the X running
box) eventually gave up the ghost and I got lots of 'server not
responding, timed out' msgs.

Playing Heroes3 was also impossible until I ran it under nice -n 1.

Doh. :/ This is the first time this has been so bad that I've felt
it was worth writing about. :/


X: P3-700 with 256MB RAM, half of it free running Debian sarge (libc
2.3.2 and X and 2.6.0-t9-mm3.
SSH: Athlon XP 2500+ with 512MB of RAM with all but 46MB free running
the same version of Debian but with 2.6.0-t9-mm2.

From the people who brought you burnt villages in Vietnam...
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