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SubjectRe: List of SCO files
Dax Kelson <> wrote:
| "I used it for comparison to file listings of different kernel versions,
| and my conclusion is that this list is either based on 2.5.68 (released
| April 20, 2003) or on 2.5.69 (released May 5, 2003). Those are the only
| two versions that contain all of the listed files." -- Groklaw reader
| "Lev"

I think they used 2.5.69. Their list includes net/bridge/br_if.c, and
patch 2.5.69 adds code containing the word "rcu", which is probably
one of the keywords they searched for. The following script generates
a list very close to SCOs list:

# to be run in the linux-2.5.69 kernel tree
find * -name '*.[ch]' |
egrep -v '^(drivers|sound)|(arch/|include/asm-)(sparc|alpha|parisc)' |
xargs egrep -iwl '(smp|numa|rcu)'
ls fs/jfs/*.[ch]
) |
sort -u

The only files not on SCOs list are:


Dick Streefland //// De Bilt (@ @) The Netherlands

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