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SubjectRe: off the air
On Sat, 2003-11-15 at 04:43, Larry McVoy wrote:
> The points are
> a) I'm not at all convinced this is going to make anyone other than you
> happy. They all want a BK replacement, not a tarball+patch replacement.
As a quite irrelevant (from a kernel development point - as i don't do
anything other than test / use and bug report) data point, this is
somehting I would like to see, and preferably with a license that would
make it possible to incluse in the mainline debian distribution. that
way it would be possible for more people to test bk repository versions
of software (not jsut the kernel) without having to install the full
version of BK.

so all I'd like is to be able to do a get/update to the head revision of
the repository, and if possible get/convert to a tagged version.

having the second would have made chasing down what version of the
kernel broke my pcmcia support easier :)



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