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    SubjectRe: Patrick's Test9 suspend code.
    On Thursday 13 November 2003 07:08, Pavel Machek wrote:
    > Hi!
    > > This brings us to 2B) Snapshotting is way too opaque. It sits there for
    > > 15 seconds sometimes doing inscrutable things, with no progress indicator
    > > or anything, and then either suspends, panics, or fails and fires the
    > > desktop back up with no diagnostic message.
    > >
    > > On the whole, this is really really cool, and if you have any suggestions
    > > how I could help, I'm all ears. (I'm unlikely to poke into the code too
    > Try "my" swsusp code. It should not fail silently; it may
    > panic the box but at that point you at least have a message.

    I've had your swsusp hang, panic, go into a half-suspended state where I have
    to hold the power button ten seconds to actually power it off and reboot, and
    fail in a few other ways. What I've never actually had your code do is
    successfully suspend something I could resume from.

    90% of the time, patrick's code does that for me. Yours has yet to do so even
    once for me.

    I suppose I could give it another shot, though...

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