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SubjectRe: off the air
On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 12:13:00AM -0500, Andrew Pimlott wrote:
> For transparency, I would change the file contents to "updating"
> during an update, instead of the even-odd thing. I think this will
> make it more obvious to people how to use it properly.

we've more solutions now. The file contents to "updating" would work too
but I believe it would be by far the most complicated, the md5sum has
the advantage of valiating the file contents too and it only requires 1
file update to be atomic, no matter how the upload of the data paylod
happens, so I tend to like it most even if it only works
probabilitsically (but it's sure safe enough).

However I understand Larry has no real interest in helping us to
rsync a known to be coherent copy of the repository (very understandable
from his own business standpoint), so I guess this is all wasted time,
and we've to live with an heuristic like:

sleep 60
rsync -> if something changed goto 1

I doubt Peter can provide the coherency guarantee with the md5sum on his
side, unless it's Peter fetching the update of the scm data, and not the
other way around.
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