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    SubjectRe: off the air
    Am Fre, den 14.11.2003 schrieb Nick Piggin um 10:56:

    > Actually, at there is a link to daily snapshots.
    > There are also changesets generated every couple of hours at the "C" link
    > at the right of the page.

    > Even if Linus doesn't release as often (doesn't he? I don't know), this
    > is surely much better than pre BK. Maybe I didn't understand you right?

    Seems so. I assume you missed the "bandwidth constraint" part. Fetching
    a whole snapshot every day is not even close to workable. The snapshots
    in patch form are nice however patching forth and back is not really an
    option. If svn doesn't get back up I'd be tempted to use rsync and use
    vendor branches in my own SVN repository but this also seems far from
    optimal to me. rsync alone doesn't cut it because there's no version
    management and I've lost quite a few patches due to an not thoroughly
    considered rsync use.

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