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    SubjectRe: off the air
    Jan-Benedict Glaw wrote:

    >On Thu, 2003-11-13 10:21:10 -0800, Tupshin Harper <>
    >wrote in message <>:
    >>Davide Libenzi wrote:
    >>>Larry, if there are really six users (i'm one of them, rsync) among
    >>>pserver and rsync access, I am the first to tell you shut it down. It is
    >>>not worth. On the other hand IIRC it was you that, when Pavel showed up
    >>>with the bitbucket hack to extract metadata from BK, volunteered to do it
    >>>internally inside BM. Do I remember correctly?
    >>As one of the six, I would happily 2nd the shutting down of the
    >>pserver...rsync is fine with me. I would actually prefer no CVS archive
    >>at all as long as the raw changesets were rsyncable...then the community
    >>would be responsible for doing something useful with them instead of BM.
    >That would be fine with me, too, but there's one little drawback: The
    >changeset format. You can't simply use a patch(1) file because there is
    >a (really little) number of non-text files in the kernel source tree
    >that won't diff...
    >MfG, JBG
    An acceptable hurdle to overcome.


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