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    SubjectRe: Some thoughts about stable kernel development
    Stefan Smietanowski <> writes:

    > x.y.z+1 pre/rc q does not contain
    > something that x.y.z pre/rc r has is NOT easy. We both know that
    > me and you will have no problem whatsoever with this scheme. So it's
    > not about me and you. I just think it will confuse some people that's
    > all.

    That's correct. It seems I have misunderstood your previous email.

    This scheme aims for less workload on the maintainers (compared to
    different test + stable trees, as with many popular projects) -
    the added bit of complexity at least seems to scale well.

    Users already have to live with 2.5.1 being a little older than 2.4.22.

    testing/* patches are IMHO not for people who may have problems (bigger
    than just a moment of confusion) with such things - they will have much
    more problems reporting a bug should they found one.

    I know this isn't an ideal solution, that's the best I'm currently aware
    of: we'd gain much shorter devel cycle at a really small cost.
    I agree entirely with Alan and his opinion expressed in this thread.
    Krzysztof Halasa, B*FH
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