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SubjectRe: invalid SMP mptable on Toshiba Satellite 2430-301

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, Jochen Voss wrote:
> > In 2.6 we don't look at the MPS table if ACPI is
> > available. Or ACPI detection is failing?
> How do I check this?

Well, I just checked, and with my setup the IOAPIC and LAPIC information
is all from ACPI.

In particular, if your ACPI tables have the information, you should have
seen something like this:

ACPI: Local APIC address 0xfee00000
ACPI: LAPIC (acpi_id[0x00] lapic_id[0x00] enabled)
Processor #0 15:2 APIC version 20
ACPI: LAPIC (acpi_id[0x01] lapic_id[0x01] enabled)
Processor #1 15:2 APIC version 20
ACPI: LAPIC_NMI (acpi_id[0x00] polarity[0x1] trigger[0x1] lint[0x1])
ACPI: LAPIC_NMI (acpi_id[0x01] polarity[0x1] trigger[0x1] lint[0x1])
ACPI: IOAPIC (id[0x02] address[0xfec00000] global_irq_base[0x0])

and you shouldn't ever have gotten to the SMP table parsing, because the
kernel doesn't need the information.

However, your dmesg doesn't have that. Which means that either you don't
have the proper ACPI tables, or you don't ave CONFIG_ACPI_BOOT set.

Your .config file says you _do_ have CONFIG_ACPI_BOOT set, which would
imply that your BIOS tables really _are_ UP-only, even for ACPI.

Did they actually sell you the thing as being HT-enabled? It doesn't look
like it is..


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