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    SubjectPCI: device 00:09.0 has unknown header type 04, ignoring. What's that?
    Hi kernel hackers,

    I have a problem with a GPIB PCI card from Quancom
    ( ).

    I wrote a programm to read data <100kByte/sec from the GPIB bus to the RAM.
    When the PCI card shares it's IRQ it works for some time and then hardlocks
    my computer - the "PCI access LED" of the GPIB card is always ON then.
    Now I found a PCI slot where the card doesn't have to share the IRQ - but
    linux ignores the card :-(
    While booting the kernel says:
    <6>PCI: Probing PCI hardware
    <4>PCI: ACPI tables contain no PCI IRQ routing entries
    <4>PCI: Probing PCI hardware (bus 00)
    <3>PCI: device 00:09.0 has unknown header type 04, ignoring.
    <6>PCI: Using IRQ router VIA [1106/3074] at 00:11.0

    The BIOS bootscreen reported an "unknown device - IRQ5". But "lspci" doesn't
    show up the card!!!

    What is "unknown header type 04" ?
    Why does "lspci" show the card when IRQ is shared?
    How can I know what's wrong with this card?

    Somebody please enlighten me.
    Please CC me your mail - I'm not subscribed to the list.


    PS: I already had trouble with this card spontaneously getting unconfigured
    (like before the BIOS talks to the card) in an ECS L7S7A board ...

    My system:
    Athlon 2000XP
    512MB RAM
    Epox 8KHA+ (VIA KT266a)

    2.4.22 kernel
    3.1.97 linux gpib driver

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