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SubjectRe: 2.4.23-pre9 ide+XFree+ptrace=Complete hang
Maciej Zenczykowski wrote:

> ....
> sure now that it wouldn't help - the system is just plain totally
> and completely dead, even the system bios is likely dead - including the
> System Management Mode code (likely responsible for lighting up the LED
> on fn key press/release, which no longer works [although not on every
> crash]).

It is usually the kernel that togles the leds, except when an application (like
X) requests that the keyboard be put into RAW mode. In RAW mode it is the
application that is responsible to for updating the leds. If X hangs, Caps-Lock
and the like will not make the leds toggle anymore.

You can try to issue a SysRq+R to take the keyboard out of RAW mode into XLATE
so that the kernel translates the keys and you might be able to toggle leds,
switch consoles, etc.

Paulo Marques

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