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    SubjectRe: reiserfs 3.6 problem with test9

    Philippe <> wrote:
    P> Note: I kept the original reiserfs partition with the errors. So if
    P> someone needs any log to figure out where the problem comes from I have
    P> everything at hand. I'm also willing to perform other tests.

    Errors you've shown from your log suggest that somehow garbage appeared
    in some blocks that were supposed to be reiserfs metadata blocks.
    How this happened is unclear.
    Also lots of people (including myself) use reiserfs on a daily basis with high
    loads (and on latest 2.6.0-test kernels, too) and have not seen anything like
    that so either there is something wrong with memory or with writing
    to your disk, I think.
    Of course I might be wrong.
    There are disk testing programs out there (sorry forgot the names) (not
    badblocks) that put a lot of load on disk and see how it does.
    May be you want to try one of those too.

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