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SubjectRe: Cross compiling using separate output directory problems
On Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 01:51:16PM +1000, Peter Chubb wrote:
> Hi Sam,
> Thanks for doing the work to make comnpilation work with a separate
> output directory.
Thanks, but Kai Germaschewski did most of the infrastructure woark, I
just made the final stuff. He deserves credits more than I do.

> I found the following changes necessary to get it to work properly
> when crosscompiling for IA64. Otherwise include/asm-ia64 hasn't been
> created when setting up offsets.h.
> There's also a minor change to tell make where to find the
> toolchain-flags and check-gas scripts.
I'm glad to see people having interest in it, I have notice several
architectures catching up on it.

A few minor comments.

> -GAS_STATUS=$(shell arch/ia64/scripts/check-gas $(CC) $(OBJDUMP))
> +GAS_STATUS=$(shell $(src)/arch/ia64/scripts/check-gas $(CC) $(OBJDUMP))
I prefer the use of $(srctree), which is pointing to the root
of the kernel src tree. src works here because the file is included
from the top-level Makefile.

> -CPPFLAGS += $(shell arch/ia64/scripts/toolchain-flags $(CC) $(OBJDUMP))
> +CPPFLAGS += $(shell $(src)/arch/ia64/scripts/toolchain-flags $(CC) $(OBJDUMP))
Same goes here.

> -CLEAN_FILES += include/asm-ia64/.offsets.h.stamp include/asm-ia64/offsets.h vmlinux.gz bootloader
> +CLEAN_FILES += include/asm-$(ARCH)/.offsets.h.stamp include/asm-$(ARCH)/offsets.h vmlinux.gz bootloader

s#$(ARCH)#ia64#g is unrelated, but OK.

I assume you will push this to David Mosberger.

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