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SubjectRe: compile error with 2.6.0-test6 on ppc32
Hi, Christian wrote:
>> That's a regression in binutils. Debian/unstable fixed it in version
> indeed! i just have to update *even more* often :-)
Or less often. :-/

> hm, the term "regression" is only known to me from mathematics, but i
> don't know how this could be related to compiling issues....

It's a fairly standard term. Basically, it means that some feature
(interpreted broadly, e.g. "compiles this piece of code correctly")
worked in version X but fails to do so due to a bug (as opposed to a
feature change or removal) in version Y, where Y>X. Most often, the first
step of fixing the problem is increasing X or decreasing Y successively so
that X==Y-1.

> Thank you, 2.6.0-test6 is compiling now.
You're welcome.

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Virtue is its own punishment.
-- Denniston

Righteous people terrify me ... virtue is its own punishment.
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