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SubjectRe: devfs and udev
On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 11:27:37PM +0200, Måns Rullgård wrote:
> Greg KH <> writes:
> >> > > What am I supposed to do, starting to use mknod again? Uggggh...
> >> >
> >> > Provide me with a kernel name to devfs name mapping file so that I can
> >> > create a "devfs like" udev config file for people who happen to like
> >> > that naming scheme.
> >>
> >> It seems that we have a bit of misunderstanding here.
> >>
> >> I just don't want to go back to /dev being actually placed on
> >> real, on-disk fs.
> >>
> >> I won't mind if naming scheme will change as long
> >> as device names start with '/dev/' and appear
> >> there (semi-)automagically. That's what I call devfs.
> >> If udev can do this, I am all for that.
> >
> > udev can do this. Is there some documentation that you read that has
> > suggested otherwise?
> It's been my understanding that udev creates device nodes in a regular
> filesystem. If this is the case, things like unclean reboots will
> leave stale files behind. It will also not be easy to
> bootstrap. Correct me if am wrong.

mount -t ramfs none /dev

That is what udev will run off of :)

Again, can you point me to any documentation that states that udev will
do this on a persistant filesystem?


greg k-h
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