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SubjectSomething corrupts raid5 disks slightly during reboot
I've been experiencing strange corruption on a raid5 volume for some time.
Basically, after unmounting the filesystem, I can mount it again without
problems. I can also raidstop the raid device in between and all is still

> umount /dev/md4; mount /dev/md4
- no corruption
> umount /dev/md4; raidstop /dev/md4; raidstart /dev/md4; mount /dev/md4
- no corruption

But after a reboot, the filesystem is corrupted:

> mount /dev/md4
EXT2-fs error (device md(9,4)): ext2_check_descriptors: Block bitmap for
group 17 not in group (block 0)!
EXT2-fs: group descriptors corrupted !

(This is recoverable with e2fsck.)

The array consists of three 80GB Samsung disks in raid5 mode, but I
experienced this problem with two of the disks in raid0 mode, too. The raid
consists of raw disks hdb,hdc,hdg (rather than partitions hdb1,hdc1,hdg1).

On the same box I have three other raid arrays on different disks, all of
which consist of partitions. These do not show corruption on boot.

I made a little experiment and saved first megabyte of hd[bcg] between
umount,mount and umount,raidstop,raidstart,mount operations. They did not

The I did umount,raidstop and rebooted. After boot, the beginning hdb was
intact, but hdc and hdg had been tampered. (Unfortunately, raidstart was
automatically run on boot, but I did raidstop as the first thing.)

I narrowed the difference down to bytes between 1060-1080 on hdc:

root@linux:/scratch>od -x hdc_bytes-1060-1080_before_boot
0000000 1e1e 00d0 000d 00d0 752e 4264 7714 3fa2
0000020 0002 0014
root@linux:/scratch>od -x hdc_bytes-1060-1080_after_boot
0000000 1e1e 00d0 000d 00d0 75ff 4264 7427 3fa2
0000020 0003 0014

On hdg, this range differed too:

root@linux:/scratch>od -x hdg_bytes-1060-1080_after_boot
0000000 8000 0000 8000 0000 7526 3fa2 7539 3fa2
0000020 0002 0014
root@linux:/scratch>od -x hdg_bytes-1060-1080_after_boot
0000000 8000 0000 8000 0000 75f7 3fa2 760a 3fa2
0000020 0003 0014

But there was additional difference somewhere between 1kB and 5kB that
wasn't there on hdc.

When I copied the saved 1MB blocks back in place, the fs mounted without

AFAIK, the first 512b on each disk should be the raid superblock and the
next 512 may be ext2 superblock. I assume 1060-1080 falls into group
descriptor table that gets corrupted.

It may be something in userspace that corrupts the disks, but I cannot think
what it could be.

Right now, the kernel is 2.2.25-secure + patches, but earlier 2.2.x kernels
exhibited this as well. These include the newest raid 0.90 patches for 2.2.

Any ideas what might cause this or how to debug this further?

-- v --
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