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SubjectRe: Post-halloween doc updates.
On Thu, 30 Oct 2003 14:15:19 +0000 Dave Jones <> wrote:

| The post-halloween document. v0.46
| (aka, 2.6 - what to expect)
| Dave Jones <>
| (Updated as of 2.6.0test9)

| Known gotchas.
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
| Certain known bugs are being reported over and over. Here are the
| workarounds.
| - Can't load any modules? You need updated tools (See modules section below).

- depmod reports Unresolved symbols? depmod from modutils instead of
depmod from module-init-tools is first in $PATH (might be different
$PATHs as $USER and $ROOT)

| Regressions.
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~
| - Some filesystems still need work (Intermezzo, UFS, HFS, HPFS..)

+ EFS (has a blocksize problem, depending on the device that the
filesystem is being mounted on)

| Modules.
| ~~~~~~~~
| - Modules now have a .ko suffix instead of .o

Some (older) versions of 'mkinitrd' don't search for modules
that end with .ko, so update your mkinitrd if this is a problem.

or is this invalid since initrd isn't used any more?
if that's the case, mention it in here somewhere...
need to add anything about initramfs?

| Nanosecond stat:
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
| The stat64() syscall got changed to return jiffies granularity.
| This allows make(1) to make better decisions on whether or not it
| needs to recompile a file. Not all filesystems may support such precision.

General comment/change: use 'was changed' instead of 'got changed' (above).
This is the second or third instance that I've noticed where 'got'
should/would better be 'was', so if you would do a global search and
conditional replace for those, that would be Good.

| Generic VFS changes.
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
| - Since Linux 2.5.1 it is possible to atomically move a subtree to
| another place. The call is...
| mount --move olddir newdir

| sysfs.
| ~~~~~~
| In simple terms, the sysfs filesystem is a saner way for
| drivers to export their innards than /proc.
| This filesystem is always compiled in, and can be mounted
| just like another virtual filesystem. No userspace tools
| beyond cat and echo are needed.

'tree' is also nice for viewing it.

| mount -t sysfs none /sys
| See Documentation/filesystems/sysfs.txt for more info.
| SELinux.
| ~~~~~~~~
| NSA Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) got merged in 2.6.
| It is disabled by default and can be enabled with a boot time parameter
| selinux=1.
| You can obtain SELinux tools and an example policy configuration from

Somebody correct me here if needed...
selinux can't just be enabled by using 'selinux=1', if the config
options are set for checking that.
The way that I read security/selinux/Kconfig and hooks.c,
if SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM is enabled, then the 'selinux'
boot option is also enabled. However, it can be disabled by using
'selinux=0' as a kernel boot option.

| Networking.
| ~~~~~~~~~~~
| - Users of boxes with >1 NIC may find that for eg, eth0 and eth1 refer to
| the opposites of what they did in 2.4. This is a bug that will be fixed
| before 2.6.0. One option (or management workaround) for this is to use

It will be? It's time to do it then, if it's not already done...

| 'nameif' to name Ethernet interfaces. There is a HOWTO for doing this at
| <>

| - SCTP (Stream Control Transport Protocol)

RFC 2960 - Stream Control Transmission Protocol

Overall a very good job, Dave. Thanks for keeping this updated.

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