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SubjectRe: WG: EIO DM-8401H ATA133 IDE Controller Card ( Silicon Image Chip ?!?)
Shaheed wrote:
> Interestingly, EXACTLY the same thing happened to me. I actually bought a
> vanilla IDE controller for a spare disk, and in what showed up the
> documentation claimed it was a DM-8401R, but lspci shows what you see: and
> IT8212.
> The answer was to get the good stuff from here:
> The driver install was a doddle (well documented, and easy to apply Mandrake
> 9.1 instructions to 9.2). For heavens sake: these guys even provide the specs
> online. And the driver seems to work, though I am not stressing it.

Neat. Even though it's a SCSI driver, it's very definitely a standard
IDE controller, which should be easy for Bart or somebody to add to
drivers/ide ...


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