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SubjectRe: Suspend to disk panicked in -test9.
On Wednesday 29 October 2003 20:35, Steven Cole wrote:
> On Wednesday 29 October 2003 05:57 pm, Rob Landley wrote:
> > Unfortunately, while I was writing down the panic on a piece of paper,
> > the screen blanking code kicked in while I was still copying down the
> > register values. I remember that the call trace mentioned some variant
> > of a write_stuff_to_disk call, but that's not that useful...
> >
> > When is the last time that the screen blanking code actually accomplished
> > something useful? These days it seems to exist for the purpose of
> > destroying panic call traces and annoying people. (I seem to remember
> > that pressing a key used to make it come back, but now we're forced to
> > use the input core that no longer seems to be the case...)
> >
> > I also seem to remember a patch floating by on the list that would make
> > console screen blanking go away. I really think console screen blanking
> > NOT being enabled should be the default these days. Or at the very
> > least, when there's a panic it should get shut off. I'll add looking
> > into that to my to-do list, but will probably get to it somewhere around
> > 2009...
> >
> > Rob
> In the meantime, keeping a digital camera close by when testing is a
> low tech/high tech solution to this.

Very few McDonalds have a digital camera behind the register to loan out. I
was lucky they printed out some blank cash register paper for me to write the
panic down on. (Ordinarily, I take notes on my laptop...)

If this was easily reproducible, I'd recreate it at home under a serial
console. (Well, this being a "modern" laptop with no serial port, maybe I
could I could rig up a parallel port console or something. But the
principle's the same. No, don't ask me why this thing has no serial port but
does have a parallel port. Ask IBM.)

Does netconsole handle panics? (Would it work through a wireless card on an
internal cardbus? I also have a pcmcia 10baseT card around here somewhere I
could plug a some cat5 into, if I can get any untangled from the big ball of
miscelanous obsolete computer stuf in the "old parts" box. It's been a
couple months since I needed to reclaim anything that box, but I think I know
where I left it. I vaguely remember a friend asking me what an
unrecognizable component was... For the record, it was a 5 1/4 to 3.5 floppy
cable adapter...)

> Steven

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