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SubjectRe: Possible to recover this Raid 5 Array?
Mike Fedyk <> writes:

> Now I have the two good drives put together in a degraded array, and luckily
> I'm able to mount the beast, and am able to read a surprising amount of data
> (it takes a long time to fully fsck 300GB, so it wasn't able to get to the
> entire filesystem with the old disk in the array before I canceled it)
> The array was about 10% full when this happened.
> I'm checking what I can recover, but my home directory was on there, and I
> only had partial backups. I have restored what was in the backups, but a
> lot of files I hoped were backed up weren't.
> Is there some miracle that can be performed on with this?

I don't think so. In cases like this, the first thing to do is to
make a copy of the damaged filesystem, and work on the copy. If
you're lucky, a tool like e2retrieve might be able to salvage some
more data than fsck (

Måns Rullgård

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