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SubjectRe: Things that Longhorn seems to be doing right
>From Neil Brown on Thursday, 30 October, 2003:
>On Wednesday October 29, wrote:
>> Regardless, it's an interesting idea, and one which might be fruitful.
>> I give you then two bits: our treatment of the tech and the reality of their
>> tech:
>> If we come up with a working implementation and it *is* just vaporware, then
>> we're ahead.
>> We're way ahead.
>> If we merely dismiss it as vaporware and it turns out to be,
>> no net change.
>> Conclusion: best to take it seriously and work on it; those two cases
>> are the most optimal.
>Sounds like the same argument that is used in "Pascal's Wager" for
>belief in God, and I seriously don't think the argument works in
>either case. (note that I'm not making a statement about the
>conclusion in either case, only about the arguement).

"Sounds like?" Sure. It kind of does, now that you mention it.

Regradless of the similarities and the validity of Pascal's argument, my
argument, I think, stands. I outlined the four potential futures. We
have control over only one bit, Microsoft has the other. The tech sounds
nice, it is an interesting avenue to persue, Pascal aside.

I don't see any reason why we *shouldn't* look at the problem and try to
do it. What reasons do you see for not persuing the problem to its
inevitible implementation?

I see big pitfalls in *not* looking at the problem. In what respect are
the pitfalls of ignoring it as outlined by me invalid?



"Asked by CollabNet CTO Brian Behlendorf whether Microsoft will enforce its
patents against open source projects, Mundie replied, 'Yes, absolutely.'
An audience member pointed out that many open source projects aren't
funded and so can't afford legal representation to rival Microsoft's. 'Oh
well,' said Mundie. 'Get your money, and let's go to court.'
Microsoft's patents only defensive?
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