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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Autoregulate vm swappiness cleanup

    > > > It seems that you don't need si_swapinfo here, do you? i.freeram,
    > > > i.bufferram, and i.totalram all come from meminfo, as far as I can
    > > > see? Maybe I'm missing a bit ...
    > >
    > > Well I did do it a while ago and it seems I got carried away adding and
    > > subtracting info indeed. :-) Here's a simpler patch that does the same
    > > thing.
    > The off-list enthusiasm has been rather strong so here is a patch done the
    > right way (tm). There is no need for the check of totalram being zero (the
    > original version of this patch modified the swappiness every tick which was
    > wasteful and had a divide by zero on init). Adjusting vm_swappiness only when
    > there is pressure to swap means totalram shouldn't be ever be zero. The
    > sysctl is made read only since writing to it would be ignored now.

    I believe swappiness == 100 was "I want max throughput, I don't care
    about latency going through roof", while swappiness == 0 was "I don't
    want you to swap too much, behave reasonably".

    As you don't know if user cares about latency or not, I don't see how
    you can autotune this.

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