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SubjectRe: ANNOUNCE: User-space System Device Enumeration (uSDE)
Patrick Mochel wrote:

>>The uSDE was built in response to a set of telco and embedded community
>>requirements. We found it difficult to express our ideas. Everyone
>>wanted to see code and documentation. Here is the code and the initial
>>documentation. This is a starting point...
>I find it difficult to see your justification for designing a project from
>scratch instead of contributing your time, effort, and ideas to a pair of
>already existing, albeit immature, projects that do exactly the same
>Please note that I'm not trying to incite yet another device naming flame
>war, but you have to understand how frustrating it is to see you guys make
>the same mistakes over and over, ad inifitum.
>Let's review. SDET was posted several months ago by the Montavista telco
>group as a 2.4 solution that was driven by customer requirements. So be
>In the last year, you (and/or your group) has posted several proposed
>device naming solutions; each of which were shot down because of
>over-design, misdirection, or simply tastelessness. Each time we
>encouraged you to align yourselves with the overall design goals or simply
>contribute to existing projects.
>Personal contact in Ottawa resulted the same message. IIRC, many if not
>all, of the atttending MV telco engineers even saw Greg's talk on udev.
>In the time since, you've designed and written a solution from scratch,
>without even trying to contribute to the udev effort. (And while, I might
>add, another MV engineer contributed several patches to in his free time
>to help package and productize it.)
>I fail to see your point in this project. AFAIC, you've wasted your time.
>It surely can't be customer requirements, as I highly doubt any customer
>solutions are based on a 2.6 kernel yet. You've completely duplicated the
>efforts of a project destined to become the de facto standard for the
>requirement you're trying to fulfill, for what gain?
> Pat
I can't respond to the emotion and ad hominum references in this
message. The uSDE announcement is my first posting. I can't address any
past dealings with MontaVista.

The uSDE ideas and implementation was started with the OSDL requirements
in August of 2002.
This is the first time any form of it has been posted. From
time-to-time, since the project started, ideas related to it have been
floated with the community. The feedback was carefully listened to and
utitized in the implementation that was just posted.


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