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SubjectRe: 2.4.23-pre8: link error with multiple USB Gadget drivers
Adrian Bunk wrote:
> I'm getting the following link error when trying to compile multiple
> Gadget drivers statically into the kernel:

... which is not a reasonable configuration, since only one
of them could be active ...

> ...
> IIRC this issue was fixed many months ago in 2.6, and a similar fix
> (disallowing multiple Gadget drivers) is also needed in 2.4 .

Do you know a good way to do that? This is an example of something
where the 2.4 "" commands don't seem to offer even a vaguely
sensible way to constrain the configuration. Or maybe you need to
be more expert in it than I am.

The rules for the moment should -- but AFAICT can't -- enforce:

- Only one gadget controller driver, linked statically or as
a module. (Example: net2280 or goku_udc, both on PCI.)
- If controller driver is statically linked, either:
* at most one gadget driver statically linked
* any number of gadget drivers, linked as modules
- Else if controller driver is linked as a module:
* any number of gadget drivers, linked as modules

The 2.6 Kconfig is closest to supporting those rules, though I
don't know how to restrict it to "only one controller driver"
regardless of how it's linked.

I'd be open to a better solution than relying on the person
configuring the system to not make mistakes.

- Dave

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